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Prodigit 3310G series electronic load with Turbo mode is the most advance function in the market.


Prodigit 3310G series electronic load with Turbo mode is the most advance function in the market.
The Turbo Mode can increase the load current and power up to 2 times, 3 times or 4 times in 1 second depending on the model.
3311G as an example, the load current can be increased from 60A to 180A, and the load power can be increased from 300W to 900W.

Turbo Mode is very suitable and ideal for applications requiring high load current and power in short periods of time (<1 Sec). Specific applications include test verification of protection actions under abnormal conditions such as OCP, OPP and SHORT of the power supply. In addition, more popular about BMS OCCP overcharge, OCDP over discharge, and SHORT protection, 3311G can not only pull to 180A to verify the protection action, but also built-in two important parameters of the standard paired BMS measurement: current value protection action and reaction time protection action.

From now on, Prodigit has lunched an option that can increase the current slew rate up to 4 times for the 3310G series 60V models.

3311G as an example, now the Current Slew Rate is 2.5A/uS. The new High Slew Rate Option can be increased up to 4 times and the fastest can reach 10A/uS.

The High Slew Rate is used to simulate the rapid change of the actual load current. The application is to test the transient response of the power supply to the load current, which is used to verify whether the output voltage is stable, and whether Overshoot and Undershoot are within the allowable range. In addition to combine with an external DC power supply, the High Slew Rate load provides a fast pull-up current that can be used to verify the response of a series connected Current Sensor or current-related component to a fast current change.

With 3310G/3311G/3315G High Slew Rate option, in addition to increase 4 times Slew Rate, also can reduce the minimum operating voltage of the full load current to about 50%, 3311G as an example, the Min. Operating Voltage is reduced from 0.6V@60A to 0.3V@60A that is also suitable and ideal for load testing at low voltage (eg <1 V) high current DC/DC power supplies.

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