DC Electronic Load

500V, 5A, 200W


  • Must be configured in
3301A〔four channels mainframe〕
3302A〔single channel mainframe〕
  • CC Static, Short Mode
  • Dual 4 1/2 V/A Meter on each module
  • Current Slew Rate control capability
  • 5 Memory Store / Recall on each Module
  • Protections against V, W, and ℃


  • 3320 series module are used with the 3301A 4ch Mainframes and 3302A single channel Mainframe.
  • Each 3320 series module has its own control and display panel with constant current operating mode.
  • 5 states Store/Recall memory on 3302 and 3301A mainframe which provides load set-up more efficiently.

  • Voltage source testing
  • SMPS Load Regulation
  • Power Supply Life testing
  • Short circuit Testing
  • Battery discharge
  • Production Line, and QC
  • Burn-in

All specifications are subject to change without notice.