Two Channel Mainframe

 ●  New waveform generator plug in model 9923 adds 
     user programmable battery discharge current
     waveform simulation to Prodigit DC Loads



  • Accept 3310G Series DC Electronic Load Module
  • Accept 3310F Series DC Electronic Load Module
  • Flexible Load Module configuration
  • include 150 states Store / Recall Memory
  • External Recall key



  • 3300F is a 4 Channels 1200W Mainframe which accepts up to four 3310F series Load Module.
  • 3305F is a 2 channels 600W Mainframe which accepts up to two 3310F series Load Module.
  • 3302F is 300W Mainframe which accepts any single 3310F series Load Module.
  • 3300F and 3305F and 3302C include the built-in 150 states Store/Recall key or an Optional Remote controller provide user friendly one key operation for quick recall of previous stored data from all Load Modules. GPIB, RS-232, USB, LAN address is needed to control all Modules remotely.
  • Each 3310F series module has its own control and display panel. Optional Vsense control switches and disable SHORT keys are available.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.