Charger / Quick Charger / Adapter / LED Driver Test System


  • Cost effective and full - featured modular design
  • Multi - function test capability for charger, adapter, LED driver power
  • Multi-U.U.T test simultaneously capability,significantly enhance the production line throughput
  • Support Windows 7/XP operation system
  • Open architecture software platform
  1. Support related hardware expansion
  2. User editable test item
  3. User editable test program
  4. User editable report format & statistical report
  5. On-line control function
  6. User authority control
  7. Support Bar Code Reader


  • 6010 Charger / Quick Charger / Adapter / LED Driver Test System is able to meet multi-types power products test requirements,and its multi-U.U.T test simultaneously capability can significantly enhance the production line throughput. It also possess multi-modular combination that includes low noise analog AC source  with Triac to simulate output, four sets precision power meter, two or four sets ripple noise / timing measurement module, four
    sets OVP DC power supply, 3310F series & 3332F/3336F Electronic Load module and unique design 3340F series for LED power driver output test.
  • Test items are included with five categories Power Test Features :
    1. Output Performances -- the general performance of U.U.T
    2. Input Characteristics -- the input power parameters of U.U.T
    3. Regulation Tests -- the regulation of U.U.T when the change of the input power and load
    4. Timing & Transient -- measuring the timing and transient of Turn ON, Turn OFF
    5. Protection Tests -- trigger and test the protection circuit of U.U.T.


All specifications are subject to change without notice.