AC & DC Electronic Load GPIB/RS232



  • Voltage, Current, Watt and VA vaule display.
  • CC、Linear CC、CR, and Crest Factor mode.
  • GPIB/RS232 Interface and 5 states Recall/Store Memory.
  • Power factor (PF) adjustable : 1, 0.85 ~ -0.85.
  • Threshold Upper/Lower limit capability.
  • Protections against V, I, W, and ℃.
  • Dual 4 1/2 Meter Display for Voltage, Current, Watt and VA.
  • Suitable for Sine, Square, Step wave.


  • The 3260A Series is a 300V High power AC and DC Load in one unit, it provides an ideal testing solution for UPS, AVR, D/A inverter, especially for step or square waveform UUT
  • Each High power Series AC&DC Load has it own control and display panel, and with 5 states  Recall / Store memory which provides load set-up more efficiently
  • Adjustable power factor setting (PF, Range: 1, 0.85 ~ -0.85) extends the simulation of test environment
  • Built-in GO/NG meter check function offers brief test result diagnosis for production, QC test throughput


All specifications are subject to change without notice.