DC Electronic Load

60V, 60A, 300W


  • 5 digital V / A / W Meter can be displayed on Large LCD display simultaneously。
  • Flexible CC, CR, CV, CP, CC + CV, CP + CV, Dynamic and short circuit operation modes. 
  • Built-in test modes include Battery Discharge, BMS, Fuse/Breaker Trip/Non-Trip, Short circuit, OCP, OPP test modes。
  • Not only CC, CR, and CP mode have parallel operation functions, but CV mode also has parallel operation functions.
  • Turbo mode can withstand up to 2 times the current and power electronic load within 2 sec. period,most fit Fuse/Breaker and BMS、Short circuit、OCP、OPP test。
  • Provide battery BMS protection test function 
  • High Slew Rate:3310G up to 5A/uS,3311G up to 10A/uS,3315G up to 2.5A/uS 
  • Support MPPT CC、CR、CV test function for solar panel
  • Short circuit duration can be set within short circuit test。
  • Can set the power-on status value。
  • Voltage meter display can be configured as polarity positive ”+”)or negative (”-”)。
  • Synchronous parallel execution function(SYNC. Load on)。
  • Can be configured in the Mainframe of 3302G〔single channel〕、3305G〔dual channels〕or 3300G〔Quad channels〕,each mainframe has up to 150 sets Store / Recall memory。
  • Optional programmable NTC Resistor (installed in mainframe)
  • Optional Interface : GPIB、RS232、USB、LAN。
  • Protection against V, I, W, and ℃
  • Optional 9923 load current waveform generator to provide the battery actual discharge current waveform simulation


  • Each 3310G Series module has its own control and display panel, CC / CR / CV / CP / Dynamic modes, plug in 3302G / 3305G / 3300G mainframe with 150 sets Store / Recall memory which provides load set-up more efficiently, also can be controlled via RS232、Ethernet、USB and GPIB interface。
  • The new Turbo mode is designed for overload or protection testing, which includes OCP, OPP, Short for AC/DC or DC / DC power source ; Over Charge / Discharge and Short for Battery BMS protection; and Blow / Not Blow testing for Fuse, Breaker or PTC Current Protection Components.
  • Support Short, OCCP and OCDP protection tests for battery BMS protection testing, the peak current before protection and protection response time are measured.
  • BMS, Fuse, OCP and OPP single-key test functions on the module make test more efficient。
  • Dynamic can be simulated under CC, CP mode. The current Rise / Fall slew rate can be adjusted individually and there is an external signal input so that load can have a simulated Specific Load Current Waveform, optional 9923 Load Current Waveform Generator is able to support real current waveform testing。
  • SHORT duration setting and SHORT_VH, SHORT_VL setting function, also can measure Short Voltage and Current。
  • Programmable LOAD ON / OFF voltage, GO / NG meter check, Voltage meter display “ + ” or “ – “ is selectable and 150 sets Store / Recall larger memory is much advance feature for each different application。
  • 150 sets test parameter and status storage function can call the storage memory real time in accordance with the auto sequence requirement,at any time to tune out the stored memory for use。

  • Voltage / Current source
  • SMPS transient response
  • Voltage Source Current limit testing and battery emulation for Charger testing
  • Battery discharge capacity
  • Lithium battery BMS charge and discharge protection
  • Fuse , Breaker , PTC specification test
  • MPPT test function for solar panels
  • R&D, Quality Control
  • ATE system
  • Production testing


        All specifications are subject to change without notice.