• 3320 series module are used with the 3301A 4ch Mainframes and 3302A single channel Mainframe.
  • Each 3320 series module has its own control and display panel with constant current operating mode.
  • 5 states Store/Recall memory on 3302 and 3301A mainframe which provides load set-up more efficiently.

  • Must be configured in
3301A〔four channels mainframe〕
3302A〔single channel mainframe〕
  • CC Static, Short Mode
  • Dual 4 1/2 V/A Meter on each module
  • Current Slew Rate control capability
  • 5 Memory Store / Recall on each Module
  • Protections against V, W, and ℃

  • Voltage source testing
  • SMPS Load Regulation
  • Power Supply Life testing
  • Short circuit Testing
  • Battery discharge
  • Production Line, and QC
  • Burn-in
3302C Single Channel Mainframe (with GPIB Interface,Listen Only)3302C-01 Single Channel Mainframe
3301A Four Channel Mainframe (with GPIB Interface, Listen Only)3301A-01 Four Channel Mainframe
3320 DC Electronic Load 60V, 30A, 150W3321 DC Electronic Load 60V, 60A, 300W
3322 DC Electronic Load 250V, 10A, 300W3324 DC Electronic Load 500V, 5A, 200W
3325 DC Electronic Load 60V, 15A, 75WGPIB Card
RS-232 CardUSB Card
LAN Card