• 5302A AC Source
  • 5302A AC Source
  • 5302A AC Source

5302A(0~305Vrms/270VA)AC Source with Stanby Analyzer

Model : 5302A


  • Large LCD panel can display simultaneously : Voltage (V), Current (A) or Surge (Inrush) current, Power (W), Watt Hour (WH), Frequency (Hz), Power Factor (PF), Power ON / OFF angle or the angle of TRIAC dimming.
  • High accuracy and high resolution Green Power measurement can easily measure the power 0.001W ~ 270W.
  • Real-time analysis of the DUT input / output power and efficiency *
  • Precision meter can measure the external power supply (utility or AC Source), and control power ON/OFF angle of the external power output, even can test the inrush current up to 200A.
  • 5302A power ON / OFF angle control is  0∘~ 360∘
  • Power output of TRIAC (Leading or Trailing edge) can be simulated.
  • IEC/EN 61000-4-11 Regulatory tests.
  • 10 sets test parameter and status store function.
  • RS232 standard interface.
  • Protections against I, W, Short and ∘C.

      Note * means DUT output terminal to be used Prodigit electronic load.

5302A   AC Power Source with Power/Energy Analyzer   270VA,1Ø

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