• 6600 series AC Power Source
  • 6600 series AC Power Source

6600 series AC Power Source

0~300Vrms , 500VA~5KVA
Model : 6600 series




  • The 6600 series programmable AC power source configures with PWM direct coupling output technologies to provide highly stable power. With a variety of interfaces to choose from, it is simple to integrate with a PC and create a remote operating system.
  • Delivering 5kVA with a height of only 222mm, the thin body and wide 9.8-inch panel display provides excellent data visibility without sacrificing test space.
  • The series features starting and ending phase angle settings for output waveforms as well as voltage spikes and dips wave simulation to recreate real-world conditions.
  • Inrush current up to 4 times of the rated current, allowing the user to activate high inrush current loads (motor, compressor, etc) without additional power source capacity and thus minimize the equipment costs.

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