New Product 4017 DC Power Analyzer


With the rapid development of technology, primary batteries and secondary charge and discharge batteries were used in electronic devices applications have increased rapidly, including Iot devices, wireless bluetooth headsets, smart watches, smart phones, electric bicycles / motorcycle, and electric vehicles.

The 4017 DC power analyzer developed by Prodigit can accurately measure the power consumption of Iot and other devices, the actual charge and discharge curve and capacity of the battery. Especially for non-periodic current and power of electronic devices and batteries.
All kinds of dry batteries, button batteries, charge-discharge nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium batteries, battery packs, and new energy fuel cells used by Iot can be accurately measured by the 4017 DC power analyzer to obtain irregular current consumption data for a long time when the device is in actually working condition.
The 4017 has a 3.5 ”color LCD that can display data and graphic curves. The voltage ranges are from 2.5V to 100V in total 6 ranges which is suitable for various battery voltages. The current ranges are from 0.375mA to 60A peak in total 18 ranges. It can measure a resolution of 0.01uA. When used with an external current shunt, the current can reach 250A, 1000A, 2000A or higher. Two 16-bit high-speed A / Ds with a sampling interval of less than 2.5uS are used internally, the use of fast DSP integration can accumulate up to 10,000 days of Ahr and Whr, and calculate the average current Ahr / hr, the average power Whr / hr in real time, and display important battery information such as battery capacity (%); The average power Whr / hr, and display important battery information (%) and other important data information; meanwhile, built-in electronic power switch, in addition to testing In-rush startup current , can also perform up to 9999 cycles of ON-OFF test.

The optional accessory 9943 test connector has USB type A, type C, u-USB and red and black positive and negative terminal posts. It is convenient to connect the 4017 and the device under test. In addition, there are GPIB, RS-232, USB , LAN interfaces can be selected.

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4017 DC Digital Power Analyzer