New Release : 2000A Precision Current Shunt


In recent years, the application of new energy is more popular for electric vehicles, batteries, and power banks. And their Voltage, Current and Power are going to higher.

According to this market trend, Prodigit develops Model no. 2000A Precision Current Shunt which can provide up to 2000Amp Current.  2000A will be one of member of Prodigit Precision Current Shunt family which is up to 250Amp-7550A and 1000Amp-1000A to provide user more flexible selection.

Model no. 2000A is 2U height for the 19”standard rack system.  

Size is identical to 1000A, but the highest range of 1000A is 1000Amp, 2000A is 2000Amp, the other ranges 0.2A 2A 20A and 200A are the same. The 0.2A, 2A, and 20A are the same Red/Black terminal that selected by the front panel range key. The 5 1/2 LCD digit meter displays the range of AC&DC Current. Vout output terminal could externally connect with 6 1/2 or more digits meter that can show more accurate current reading.

Model no. 2000A-R is option for all of the terminals at the rear of the 2000A.

Meanwhile, there are optional interface cards for GPIB’ RS-232’USB’ LAN card.

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2000A Precision Current Shunt