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Prodigit develops, manufactures and markets power electronics test and measurement instruments. Since 1986, Prodigit has achieved a high level of quality and reliability in technologies relating to DC and AC Electronic Loads, Digitizing Power Meters, and Precision Current Shunts. This proven performance enables us to have some of the most advanced technologies for these products worldwide. Meeting the increasing need for test and measurement systems with high speed, accuracy, productivity, versatility and respectability has always been Prodigit objective. AII of our instruments have been designed to be user friendly with operation possible manually from the front panel or remotely using GPIB, RS232, USB and LAN interface. This allows the instruments to be used on a test bench or in a completely automated system. Typical applications for these instruments are research & development, production, incoming inspection, quality control and ATE systems. Some of the most frequent applications for Prodigit instruments are the development and testing of switching power supplies, batteries and UPS systems. Prodigit has become a subsidiary of     in 2020 Company Overview Founded:1986, Jan. Operation Site:New Taipei City, Taiwan ( R.O.C.) 1995 ISO9001 Accreditation. 1997 Certificate of Excellence Award of Taiwan. 1998 Prodigit China Shen Zhen / Su Zhou Service Center Set up. 2003 CNLA Standard Lab Accreditation. 2006 ERP Implementation. 2008 China branch Prodigit Electronics (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd. set up. Prodigit Products Industrial Test and Measurement: LED DC Electronic Load Simulator, DC Electronic Load, AC & DC Electronic Load, Digitizing Power Meter, Precision Current Shunt, Single Output Power Supply Tester, Stand-Alone Automatic Multiple Output Power Supply Tester, AC Power Source with Power/Energy Analyzer, Charger / Adapter / LED Driver Test System. Consumer: Power Cost Monitor, Energy Monitor with Graphic Timer, 7 Day Graphic Timer, Energy Monitor & Standby Killer, Standby Killer, Power Safer Prodigit Innovation Each year, Prodigit invests more than 10 percents of its net revenue in research and development. This heavy investment enables Prodigit to remain a professional power electronics instrument manufacturer. Prodigit designs reliable, cost effective products to meet the demanding needs of our customers. Our goal continues to be to produce products with unquestionable quality and reliability. Prodigit products provide flexible test solutions that raise the productivity and efficiency while lowering your testing costs. With more than twenty years experience in the power electronics industry, Prodigit is considered a professional instrument company in this field. This is supported by the many satisfied customers worldwide using Prodigit instruments. Marketing and Support To promise quailty, service, and support to all customer, Prodigit got ISO 9001 certificate of approval in 1995 and got CNLA certificate of approval in 2003. Prodigit has in place a worldwide marketing and service network. We have established mainland China service center in Shen Zhen and Su Zhou in 1998. Qualified and well trained engineers are available to assist you on usage applications or with any other questions you may have. Conflict Minerals Policy Prodigit Elec. Co., LTD. guarantees that all of the products supplied by our company and/or our affiliates comply with the “Conflict Minerals Policy”. As a good corporate citizen, we shall bear the social responsibility, respect the human rights, pay attention to conflict minerals issues continuously, and make efforts to examine our supply chain with diligence to assure the metals sources of, including but not limited to, tin (Sn), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), gold (Au), cobalt (Co), and palladium (Pd) (hereinafter referred as “Conflict Minerals”) are not drifted from the mines of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and its neighboring countries (hereinafter referred as “Conflict Regions”) controlled by armed groups. We hereby makes following commitments : 1. Not to purchase Conflict Minerals from mines in the Conflict Regions. 2. Request Prodigit’s suppliers to refuse to use Conflict Minerals from the Conflict Regions and present a signed letter of commitment to Prodigit. 3. Request Prodigit’s suppliers to notify their upstream suppliers of such requirements. Certification
Continuing the 3270 series from 1.875kW to 22.5kW AC and DC electronic loads are fully suitable for the users of Inverter and UPS to achieve simulation test and verification requirements for resistive loads and rectifier loads of electronic products, including specification function verification, abnormal protection test and various normal and abnormal situation tests from start-up and operation, the 3270 series AC electronic load has the most functions on the market, including CC/ CR/ CV/ CP/ Linear CC/ rectification Load CC/ rectifier load CC+CR, and also have Turbo mode to support various test modes, including OCP/ OPP/ Short/ Fuse / Breaker/ UPS & Inverter efficiency / UPS conversion time and backup time, also including power-on In-Rush load current and Surge load current simulation test during operation. In addition, in terms of specifications, the 3270 series voltages are respectively 350Vrms, 425Vrms and 480Vrms, the power capacity of a single machine, it not only has double the load current and power with Turbo mode, but also has the expansion capability of up to 8 Master/Slave units, single-phase and three-phase power supplies test are supported by 3270, that is single-phase 8 units in parallel or three-phase delta Δ or Y multiple units connection applications. For the inductive or capacitive load of general household and industrial electrical equipment, various electrical equipment that requires the load current to lag or lead the voltage, such as the motors of electric fans, the compressors of air conditioners, and refrigerators etc.. Prodigit's 3282 RLC power factor AC load can simulate the power factor load of household and industrial electrical appliances. Anti-islanding test is provided for the grid connection function of solar inverters, electric vehicle inverters and energy storage devices. The capacity of 3282 stand-alone 280V / 18.75A can reach 1.875KW / 3700VA max. Just input the load parameters of various electrical equipment and Inverter in 3282, the inverter/UPS AC power output which to be verified is connected to the 3282 AC load that can simulate inductive / capacitive power factor loads of various electrical equipment to do test. The 3282 power factor RLC electronic load possess all the functions of the 3270 series of resistive loads and rectifier loads. It also adds inductance (L) and capacitance (C) loads to achieve current lagging or leading power factor loads. Its unique power factor test mode, only needs to input the required load current and power factor during the test, 3282 can realize the set power factor and current of the load, the newly added inductance (L) and capacitance (C) loads also support CC/CR/CV/CP/Linear CC that can be combined with inductive (L) and capacitive (C) loads in various modes to simulate various loads.  In addition to providing resistive/rectifying loads for Inverter/UPS, the 3282 also has the test and verification functions required for inductive/capacitive loads. This provides the best compatibility test solution for inverter and UPS power supply to various household and industrial appliances. 3282 also provides up to 8 Master / Slave units expansion capabilities, that is single-phase up to 8 units in parallel or three-phase Δ or Y multiple units connection applications are supported, optional interfaces include GPIB, RS-232, USB and LAN.  Need More Information  3280 Series(280V,1875W / 3700VA )Power Factor RLC Load