The minimum load voltage for DC Electronic Load

Because low voltage power supply will be more popular in the future, for example 3.3V or 2.2V, it can reduce the power dissipate or heat problem in the Advance IC, such as CPU. For example,change the operating voltage from 5V to 3.3V with same current, it can reduce about 34 ﹪ heat dissipate in IC; where the heat is the major problem in a compact size computer, such as notebook PC.

To solve the low output voltage power supply testing requirement, all Prodigit Electronic Load can be used for 3.3V,2.2V or even 1.7V output voltage. The following table shows the Prodigit 3310 series /3320 series, and 3600A Tester's Electronic Load tyical working voltage on half and full load current.


Note :

Gthe tpyical factory set Load ON Voltage is 1V when shipment however, the Load ON Voltage can be adjusted from 0-3V for Input Voltage60V model, or from 0-5V for input Voltage >60V model.