3310G Series DC Electronic Load Adding four new models that power have been upgraded to 400W and 800W


3310G Series added 3316G / 3317G / 3318G / 3319G, 3316G and 3318G are 
400W modules, which can be used with 3300G / 3302G / 3305G mainframe

3316G  DC Electronic Load (80V, 80A, 400W)

3318G  DC Electronic Load (500V, 20A, 400W)

In addition, the 3317G and 3319G are 800W stand-alone units, no need to 
be combined with the mainframe


3317G  DC Electronic Load (80V, 160A, 800W)

3319G  DC Electronic Load (500V, 40A, 800W)

3317G-M and 3319G-M which can be used with 3300G / 3305G mainframe


The functions of the above four new models are fully compatible with the 3310G series, and the new Turbo mode can provide up to 2 times of the test current and power in the test.

The 3310G series provides 75W~800W full-featured DC electronic load, suitable for R&D, verification, manufacturing and other test applications which is also suitable for various testing requirements when they are with 6010 / 6050 power ATE and 6020 battery BMS ATE.