Prodigit Releases 34300E / 36300E Series 1250V High Power Electronic Load


With the improvement of vehicle performance and endurance, electric vehicles in the market have gradually become popular, and the entire industry is continuing to develop

high-performance, high-capacity batteries.

The 34300E / 36300E series developed by Prodigit is a high-power electronic load specially developed for high-voltage batteries. The maximum voltage is up to 1250V, and the power of single load is 5KW~60KW.

One Master load is connected with 7 Slave loads in parallel connection can up to 480KW, it can meet the test and verification of high voltage items including battery packs, charging piles and vehicle chargers (OBC).

In addition to the voltage increase to 1250V, the other functions of 34300E / 36300E are fully compatible with the 34000A / 36000A series.

The main specifications of the series are as follows :

34305E  DC ELECTRONIC LOAD(1250V, 25A, 5KW)

34310E  DC ELECTRONIC LOAD(1250V, 50A, 10KW)

34315E DC ELECTRONIC LOAD(1250V, 75A, 15KW)

34320E  DC ELECTRONIC LOAD(1250V, 100A, 20KW)

34325E  DC ELECTRONIC LOAD(1250V, 125A, 25KW)

34330E  DC ELECTRONIC LOAD(1250V, 150A, 30KW)

34335E  DC ELECTRONIC LOAD(1250V, 175A, 35KW)

34340E  DC ELECTRONIC LOAD(1250V, 200A, 40KW) 

36350E DC ELECTRONIC LOAD(1250V, 250A, 50KW) 

36360E  DC ELECTRONIC LOAD(1250V, 300A, 60KW) 

In addition, for the charge and discharge test of the battery pack, the 34300E / 36300E full series of electronic loads can also be used on the 9841 battery charge and discharge test system.

9841 battery charge and discharge test system