Prodigit released: 3110 series (250W~700W) Stand Alone DC electronic load

More and more electronic products, such as mobile phones, laptops, tablet chargers, mobile power supplies, wireless chargers, electric hand tool chargers, etc., are currently using a single input voltage.

Therefore, Prodigit Electronics Co., Ltd. introduced 3110 series DC Electronic Load with five different specifications, including 80V and 500V, 350W and 700W and a 250W / 80V / 50A low wattage load to meet the needs of various tests on the market.


  The completed model specifications are as follows  

3110   80V / 50A / 250W

3111   80V / 70A / 350W

3117   80V / 140A / 700W

3114   500V / 15A / 350W

3119   500V / 30A / 700W

3110 series electronic load combines Load Module and Mainframe as a stand alone unit, it supports the functions of all electronic load modes, including constant current, constant resistance, constant voltage, constant power, dynamic and short circuit mode, high accuracy 5 digital voltage, current, and power meter values display simultaneously, all 3110 series is equipped with RS232 and USB interfaces as a standard. If you need to store the panel settings, you can purchase an option 9935 with 150 sets Recall/Store controller.

For quick charging mobile phones and mobile power supplies, the 3110 Series electronic load can be used with the 9922 or 9922-R Quick Charger Controller to test and validate USB-C and QC 2.0, QC 3.0 etc. specifications. 

In addition, it also includes various complete performance tests for battery CC, CP, timed discharge, etc., and Surge test with boot-on inrush simulation and hot-swap surge simulation capabilities.