Prodigit launches 3350G series 4KW~6KW High Power DC electronic load


The demand and application of new energy are increasing rapidly with the development of electric vehicles, including server power systems, electric vehicle on-board chargers (OBC), DC quick charging piles, energy storage battery packs and power converters (DC/DC), etc. .

Based on the testing and verification of the above related products, Prodigit has developed and completed the 3350G series of high power electronic loads.

3350G series  specification  is  150V, 400A~600A

3360G series  specification  is  600V, 280A~420A

3370G series  specification  is  1200V, 160A~240A

The power of above items  is  4~6KW.

Compared to the 34000C series, the 3350G series electronic load has a higher power density, 4UH can reach 6KW, the width meets the 19” rack standard size, and the smaller size can achieve higher power density.

In addition to independent operation and use, it can also be installed in a standard 19" rack instrument cabinet, which can be integrated with other equipment to save space requirements.

The power capacity of the 3350G full range series products, in addition to the single machine has 1.5 times the load current and power Turbo mode, also has the expansion capability of up to 8 units Master-Slave connection, which can increase the current and power. The options for interface include GPIB, RS-232, USB and LAN.

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3350G Series(4KW~6KW)High Power DC Electronic Load