Prodigit launch of new products : 3270 Series AC / DC Electronic Load


3270 Series AC & DC electronic load supports a variety of load modes including CC, Linear CC, CR, CV, CP, Non-linear CC + CR load modes to meet the Sine Wave, PWM Wave, Step Wave, Square Wave etc. voltage source  with DC , 40~440HZ testing requirements.  The 3270 Series is equipped with a new Turbo mode which can double the current and power rantings in the test mode.

The 3270 series full range products of 4U high AC/DC load power is 1875W, 2800W, 3750W, 8U / 12U can up to 5600W, 7500W / 11250W respectively, 16U / 20U / 24U can up to 15000W / 18750W / 22500W respectively.

The standard rated voltage 350V provides 120V / 240V / 300V test verification, and the 420V (Option) can meet the 380V test application.

3270 Series provides complete AC & DC load capability for a wide range of AC and DC power test applications and supports the Master / Slave synchronous control of three units parallel and three-phase △ or Y load connections.

Specially be used to test for verification of UPS, Inverter's functions and specifications, and abnormal conditions such as over-current, over-power, and short-circuit response tests. 

It also provides real load simulation function, including on-load startup, positive and negative half cycle and SCR / TRIAC load current waveform, 0~360° load/unload current waveform control, Inrush or Surge current during startup and ongoing operation.

In addition, various key circuit components of AC & DC such as Fuse, Breaker, Relay, and Connector can be verified to ensure if they meet the design requirements under normal and abnormal voltage and current conditions.

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3270 Series AC & DC Electronic Load