3310G series Turbo Mode period is from 1 sec upgraded to 2 sec, and whole models current and power is consistent 2 times.


PRODIGIT is leading the global electronic load industry based on 3310G series  Turbo Mode  period is from 1 sec upgraded to 2 sec, and whole models current and power is consistent 2 times.

3310G Series (all models) Turbo Mode enable overload 2 times the rated current or power for 2 seconds.
To improve the confusion about different model for different overload 2x, 3x, 4x times. So all 3310G series overload is consistent 2 times.
In addition, we upgrade the Turbo mode time from 1 sec to 2 sec to meet the testing request for the OCP or OPP abnormal time over 1sec. 
For example, 3311G can overload from 60A to 120A and 300W to 600W, you can use this Turbo mode test time for 2 sec and the max load is 1200 joule.

Turbo Mode is very suitable for the application to use fast time (< 2 Sec) for overload the rated current and power of the load. Many applications include protecting action test verification for Power supply OCP, OPP, and SHORT ..... etc. abnormal conditions.  In addition, along with the BMS applications (OCCP, OCDP, and SHORT protect...etc) are more and more popular be used. 3311G can overload to 120A to verification the protect function, it also built-in two important measurement data of BMS.
1) The response time of the protected action
2) The current data of the protected action
For the fuse (one time protected components) and the breaker (could repeat to be used) are very suitable for the Turbo mode application.

Meanwhile, Prodigit upgrade original optional 4 times current slew rate to standard built-in on 60V modes of 3310G series (including 3310G, 3311G and 3315G).
For example 3311G, original fastest Current Slew Rate is 2.5A/uS, now is 10A/uS, Current Slew Rate could be up to 4x times fast, this is the fastest current slew rate electronic load in the market.

High Slew Rate is used to simulate the real current load high speed variation. The application is testing for the power supply's transient response when the load current high speed variation, to verify power supply output stability. (For check if the Overshoot and Undershoot are in the range of the spec.)

For many kinds of the Current Sensor or the current components, 3310G series be connected with the DC power supply. Use 3310G series High Slew Rate load can be fast loading of verify the transient response of serial connect sensor or component for variation high-speed current.

The upgraded High Slew Rate of 3310G/3311G/3315G not only extend 4x time Slew Rate but also reduced about 50% of the min operating voltage.
For example, 3311G Min Operating Voltage from 0.6V@60A reduced to 0.3V@60A, it very suitable to use to the low voltage (like <1V) high current DC/DC power supply’s load test.

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