Prodigit Provides The Latest And High Performance Complete USB PD / Quick Charger Test Solution


Prodigit can help you to create a more accurate, reliable and efficient 6050 series USB PD ATE to solve your USB PD power supply design, verification, production and other testing requirements.


ATE for USB PD can provide 6050-1 single group automatic test system for R&D, verification or small batch production according to your needs, 6050-2 double group is for medium batch production or 6050-2X  2*2 group A/B switching architecture, for mass production 6050-4 is 4 group simultaneous testing, and 6050-4X 4*4 group A/B switching architecture.
In addition, above groups can according to your test items and budget requirements, there are basic version, standard version, value-added version and full versions for your selection, as the 6050 series USB PD ATE is modular design, including hardware and software that both have the flexibility of expanding and upgrading at any time.

 Complete test 

The 6050 ATE has all the test items that support the USB PD specification, including general routine test, it also includes a Voltage sag of a short voltage drop,  V+pk/V-pk of Dynamic Load under dynamic load, timing of USB voltage rise and fall and test items such as USB plugging and unplugging, of course, in addition to USB PD, various quick charging standards can be tested on 6050 USB PD ATE, including QC 2.0, QC3.0, PE, PE+ and other quick charging standards can be supported. 

Higher efficiency

USB PD and quick charging charger, the output voltage and current and power have a variety of specifications to achieve quick charging function, and the previous single-size power supply is quite different, only upgrade to the 6050 series USB PD ATE solution can reduce the time and labor required for complex testing and enables to perform high efficiency and high quality products for USB PD switching power supplies.

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6050 USB PD Test System