Prodigit launch of new products : 4016 AC / DC Digital Power Analyzer


Prodigit develops 4016 AC/DC Digital Power Analyzer to meet the regulation required for electronics products, including IEC 62301 Energy Star Standby power, IEC 31000-3-2 Harmonic current emissions for LED driver and high power devices, and the Current drain in Sleep and Normal mode of Iot device.

The 4016 uses 2 channels 500kps 16-bit A/D to sampling voltage and current waveforms simultaneously, It is equipped with DSP high-speed and long-time continuous gapless integration measurement to make the best accurate measurement for the irregular standby power of IEC 62301 ENERGY STAR.

In addition to the general power analyzer functions Vrms, Arms, Watt, PF, VA, etc. measurement, it has up to 9999 days power integration capability, real time computing average standby power Pav in every 0.2 sec., which Pav = Whr/hr or accumulate Watt Hour divide to accumulate hour, the Pav scope display is supported to get the most adequate integration time for AC Whr standby power measurement.

The 4016 can also measure and graphically display voltage and current harmonics of up to 50th, and also support scope Data logger mode, which can record the change of the above main power parameters with respect to time.

The current drain of Iot device and portable product is critical in sleep mode,  4016 not only can measure the real time V, A, W, but also has up to 9999 days Ahr and Whr integration capability, 4016 supports real time computing the average current  Aav = Ahr/hr and average power Wav = Whr/hr, and scope display for Aav and Pav, the DC Ahr/Whr Accumulator function providing the most accurate measurement Sleep mode current of Iot device.

The 4016 has up to 200Ap and built-in the electronic power switch that can control the ON/OFF voltage angle from 0 to 359 degree.
In addition to measuring the Inrush current of the power-on with scope display, it can also switch ON and OFF up to 9999 cycles for multiple Inrush test.

The accessories of 4016 include optional GPIB, RS232, USB and LAN interfaces. The 9942 test fixture box provides a standard power cord conversion connection, which can quickly and easily connect the UUT(unit under test) and 4016 for measurement.


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