• 4013A(300V / 20A)AC/DC Digitizing Power Meter
  • 4013A(300V / 20A)AC/DC Digitizing Power Meter

4013A(300V / 20A)AC/DC Digitizing Power Meter

(Includes 200A Inrush current measurement)
Model : 4013A

  • 4013A Digital Power Meter is designed to measure the power line parameters of AC / DC and DC / DC power supply. It is suitable for AC / DC Adapter, Charger, Quick Charger, LED Driver and DC / DC Converter. It is also suitable for uninterruptible power supply UPS, Regulators AVR, Inverter, batteries, AC / DC power supply / components ... and other applications.
  • 4013A digital power meter contains 1 to 4 channels digital power meters, each power meter has a group of high-speed 12-Bits A / D Converter, sampling and converting the voltage and current signals respectively. After the conversion, the data is calculated by a high-speed 16-Bits processor. After the calculation is completed, the data is transmitted to the host processor and read the relevant information through the RS-232 interface.



  • Suitable for ATE: 305V 20A, 6000W AC/DC Digital Power Meter
  • Voltage Range:30 / 305 Vrms;40 / 400Vdc
  • Current Range:0.02 / 0.2 / 2 / 20Arms、200Arms(for Inrush);0.02 / 0.2 / 2 / 20Adc、200Adc(for Inrush)
  • Measure AC / DC voltage, AC / DC current, AC / DC power,AC power factor, AC frequency, and Inrush Current
  • Measuring frequency range DC、40~70Hz
  • Meter update rate can be programmed
  • Inrush Delay / Period:0~99.9ms / 0.1~99.9s can be programmed to get accurate Inrush Current measurement
  • Measuring module: 1 ~ 4CH, standard is 4 channels option 1, 2, 3 Channel is available
  • The built-in internal low-pass filter (50KHz) can eliminate unnecessary high-frequency interference

  • 4013A digital power meter can be used with Prodigit 6010 ATE for Charger / Adapter. It can use with 5302A 270VA AC Source or 5310 1KVA AC Source and 5303 3KVA AVR for AC voltage, current, power parameters measurement that measured with the DC Load and then further measure the test unit’s efficiency and get the related information.
  • For AC / DC power supplies with output power within 30W, needs 4 units to be tested simultaneously, only one 5302A or 5310 AC Source is needed, if the output power> 30W but less than 60W, you can choose 2 units 5302A or 1 unit 5310 1KVA AC Source. 6010 ATE architecture is very flexible, it can use one 4013A 4 Channel Power Meter with 1 unit AC Source to test 4 units test unit power supply, and allow to use 2 units AC power supply or 4 units AC power supply, as shown below ...


  • The 4013A digital power meter performs Inrush Current measurements typically with 5302A 270VA AC Source and 5303 3KVA AVR. The 5303 3KVA AVR provides up to 200Apeak of instantaneous current,  the 5302A 270VA AC Source output can select an external 5303 3KVA AVR when the Inrush Current test is in progress. The output switch 5302A 270VA AC Source can be programmed to be turned on or off at any angle and the Inrush Current measured by the 4013A Power Meter.


4013A  AC / DC Digital Power Meter(1 Channel)4013A AC / DC Digital Power Meter(2 Channel)
4013A  AC / DC Digital Power Meter(3 Channel)4013A AC / DC Digital Power Meter(4 Channel)

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