• 6020 BMS Test System
  • 6020 BMS Test System

6020 BMS Test System

Model : 6020

  • System Authority Assignment: User Authority Management, which allows different users to assign different permissions
  • High Extensibility: for multi-string battery cell, 4 cells per channel, expandable from 1 to 16 cells per strings
  • High compatibility: for a wide range of charge and discharge specifications, and with multi-level current protection test
  • Battery simulation device modular design: Use one string 16 cells or four string 4 cells battery, simulation device can simulate 0.1 ~ 5V analog battery cell voltage, you can test the core specifications of the PCM product, such as: PCM OC sleep power self-consumption, each  string CELL of the charge and discharge protection and balance function.
  • Testing Item includes the BMS DC internal resistance, AC internal resistance, working current consumption, battery cell balance, NTC simulation, various over or under voltage, over current, short circuit  protection/recovery actions, etc., using 6020 BMS ATE can provide 1 to 4 groups of BMS test high-performance automatic test system, for each BMS function one by one and fast validation, which in the design verification or quality inspection is suitable for a group of BMS test system, however in the mass production  required for rapid testing that needs for four groups of simultaneous testing BMS test system.



  • Cost effective and full - featured modular design
  • Multi - function test capability for charger, adapter, LED driver power
  • Multi-U.U.T test simultaneously capability,significantly enhance the production line throughput
  • Support Windows 7 operation system
  • Open architecture software platform
1. Support related hardware expansion
2. User editable test item
3. User editable test program
4. User editable report format & statistical report
5. On-line control function
6. User authority control
7. Support Bar Code Reader


 6020 BMS Test System 3300F Electronic Load Mainframe
 OCP/Short DC Source(5V/120A) PSU 60-25 / PSU 150-10 DC Power Supply
 5080  Voltage regulator(applied to BMS board battery simulation) Multi-function digital meter DC Electronic Load3311F-15(60V/60A/300W,120A pulse) DC Electronic Load:3310F Series / 3332F / 3336F
 99096:BMS Board Test Fixture 99097  Communication converter
 6020 System software 6020 System 19”(20U)Standard Rack 6020 System 19”(30U)Standard Rack Personal Computer