• 6010-02-A(33401G)Test System(Basic version)
  • 6010-02-B(33401G)Test System(Standard version)
  • 6010-02-C(33401G)Test System(Value version)
  • 6010-02-D(33401G)Test System(Complete version)

6010-2(33401G)Dual-channel Charger / Adapter / LED Driver Test System

Model : 6010-2(33401G)



  • 2 sets of U.U.T can be tested at the same time to improve test efficiency and save test time and cost
  • Select the required device configuration version ( Basic / Standard / Value / Complete version ) according to product testing requirements
  • Multi - function test capability for charger, adapter, LED driver power
  • Highly cost-effective, fully functional modular design test system
  • Operating environment of Windows 7 or higher (included)
  • Accept customized
  • Open architecture software platform

1. Support related hardware expansion

2. Edit test item function

3. Edit test program function

4. Edit statistical analysis report function

5. Online instrument control function

6. User authorization settings

7. Support Bar Code Reader


6010-02-A(33401G)Dual-channel Charger/Adapter/LED Driver Test System(Basic version)6010-02-B(33401G)Dual-channel Charger/Adapter/LED Driver Test System(Standard version)
6010-02-C(33401G)Dual-channel Charger/Adapter/LED Driver Test System(Value version)6010-02-D(33401G)Dual-channel Charger/Adapter/LED Driver Test System(Complete version)