• 3314F DC Electronic Load 500V, 12A, 300W

3314F DC Electronic Load 500V, 12A, 300W

500V, 12A, 300W
Model : 3314F

  • Each 3310F Series module has its own control and display panel, CC/CR/CV/CP/Dynamic modes, plug in 3300F with 150 sets Store/Recall memory which provides load set-up more efficiently,also can be controlled intranet via RS232、Ethernet、USB and GPIB interface.
  • SHORT time setting and SHORT_VH, SHORT_VL setting function,also can measure Short Voltage and Current.
  • Dynamic can be simulated under CC, CP mode. The current Rise/Fall slew rate can be adjusted individually and there is an external signal input so that load can have a simulated Arbitrary Waveform.
  • The additional OCP 、OPP test function operated by both mainframe and module that will be more efficiency and accuracy on OCP, OPP testing.
  • Programmable Load ON/OFF voltage, GO/NG meter check, Voltage meter display “ + “ or “ – “ is selectable and 150 sets Store/Recall larger memory is much advance feature for each different application.
  • 150 sets test parameter and status storage function can call the storage memory real time in accordance with the auto sequence requirement.


  • Voltage / Current source
  • SMPS transient response
  • Current limit testing and battery emulation
  • Battery charger
  • Battery discharge
  • R&D, Quality Control
  • ATE system
  • Production testing


3300F  Four Channel Mainframe3305F  Two Channel Mainframe
3302F  Single Channel Mainframe3310F  DC Electronic Load 60V, 30A, 150W
3311F  DC Electronic Load 60V, 60A , 300W3312F  DC Electronic Load 250V,12A,300W
3314F  DC Electronic Load 500V,12A,300W3315F  DC Electronic Load 60V,15A,75W
3310F-04  DC Electronic Load 120V , 30A , 150W3311F-04  DC Electronic Load 60V , 60A , 330W
3311F-05  DC Electronic Load 120V , 60A , 300W3311F-16  DC Electronic Load 80V , 70A , 350W
3312F-02  DC Electronic Load 250V , 12A , 330W3314F-02  DC Electronic Load 500V,12A,330W
NTC  Optional function:10KΩ Simulator resistance(100~500KΩ)NTC Optional function:100KΩ Simulator resistance(1000~5MΩ)
Optional function:BMS protection function testOptional function:9922 Quick Charger Controller
Optional function:9923 programmable DC load current waveformGPIB Card
RS-232 CardUSB Card
LAN Card