• E Series Energy Recycling System

E Series Energy Recycling System

Model : E Series

Energy Optimization Expert.

Improve Energy Consumption Efficiency

Delta's energy recycling system can recycle up to 93% of power consumption during the burn-in testing to minimize a factory's electricity consumption in order to achieve energy optimization. The system has a modular design and thus can be expanded according to a test object’s features. Moreover, it can be customized to meet the requirements of different industries. We also provide one-stop, integrated systems including burn-in testing, monitoring software, and energy recycling systems. It is equipped with Ethernet communication for MES/ERP system integration, enabling data analysis and remote monitoring via cloud platforms. As an energy optimization expert, Delta can effectively help you save on your utility costs.



  • Effectively recycle up to 93% energy consumption for burn-in testing
  • Modular design for flexible configuration
  • Improved circuit protection function to protect test objects
  • Integrated RS-485 communication control platform
  • Exclusive cloud monitoring and control system for burn-in testing
  • Customized one-stop energy recycling and burn-in system


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