• 4017 DC Digital Power Analyzer
  • 4017 DC Digital Power Analyzer

4017 DC Digital Power Analyzer

100Vp, 12Adc / 60Ap

The 4017 battery capacity meter can consider as battery Ahr Whr meter for use, and has measurement in rich wide.
Model : 4017

  • The 4017 is a new generation digital power analyzer designed specifically for DC power measurement. The 3.5” TFTLCD display screen provides graphics display and digital display. It can be providing highly accurate and convenient power measurements.
  • Suitable for any type of battery including dry cell, button cell battery, lithium cell lithium battery, alkaline cell and rechargeable battery. Especially 2.5V and 5V range can provide 0.1mV resolution.
  • The 4017 digital power analyzer offers a wide measurement range. It supports 18 selectable current ranges from 0.375mA to 12Adc and 6 selectable voltage ranges up to 100Vdc. For an even wider range of current and voltage measurements, it can also be combined with an external shunt (such as the Prodigit 7550A,1000A Precision Current Shunt ) and set to the required current scaling. With this setup, it can support current measurements up to 250A,  1000A and 2000A.
  • The 490.6KHz V/A high synchronous sampling rate and DSP accumulation of data supports no gap analysis over long periods of time. This feature is particular important for IoT devices, smartwatch, Bluetooth device current and power measurements... etc.
    While the current of these types of  UUTs keeps changing according to the operating modes, the 4017 can accurate measure key data like average current Ahr, Whr, and Aav, during the entire measured period.
  • The Built-in battery charge and discharge mode accurately measures battery capacity in % for charge and discharge operation. It can be used to verify the current for battery power meter when the battery works on regular/irregular and charge / discharge .
  • In order to understand the stability of the UUT (unit under test), the 4017 provides the Data Logger function. The Data Logger can store 256 states each for VDC, ADC, Watt, and ITHD. If a PC is available, there is no limit to the stored number of state . 

This provides a convenient and accurate power measurement of UUT stability over time.

  • To understand the effect of the UUT (unit under test) on long-term, repeated ON/OFF power cycles, the 4017 has a built-in a power switch that can control the ON/OFF angle of the DC input power, test period and repetition times up to 9999 times. 
  • For example, when running a turn ON and turn OFF every 10 minutes continuously, the longest observation test period can be longer than 138 days.
  • For remote operation, the 4017 digital power analyzer provides 4 optional interfaces GPIB / RS232 / USB / LAN for data capture and storage.
  • Available 9943 test kits: USB type A, USB Type C, Micro-USB, red/black connector cables. these test kits provide the necessary connections between an UUT and the 4017 DC analyzer.

  • 6 Selectable Voltage Ranges:
2.5 VDC / 0.1mV,5 VDC / 0.1mV,10 VDC / 1mV
25 VDC / 0.001V,50 VDC / 0.001V,100 VDC / 0.01V
  •  18 Selectable Current Ranges:
0.375m ADC / 0.01uA
0.75m ADC / 0.1uA
1.5m ADC / 0.1uA
3.75m ADC / 0.1uA
7.5m ADC / 0.001mA
15mA ADC / 0.001mA
0.0375 ADC / 0.001mA
0.075 ADC / 0.01mA
0.15 ADC / 0.01mA
0.375 ADC / 0.01mA
0.75 ADC / 0.1mA
1.5 ADC / 0.1mA
3 ADC / 0.1mA
6 ADC / 0.1mA
12 ADC / 0.001A
15 ADC / 0.001A〈800ms〉
30 ADC / 0.001A〈400ms〉
60 ADC / 0.001A〈200ms〉
  • Embedded high-speed DSP, 16 bits Analog / Digital converters to provide continuous gapless measurement with max sampling rate up to 409.6kHz
  • Input Range to 100 VDC / 12 ADC and provide the 3 Current ranges up to 15Apeak, 30Apeak, 60Apeak that the highest inrush current.
  • 0.375mA minimum current range & 0.01uA Current resolution that meets the measuring the current of IoT device.
  • 3.5-inch color LCD digital numeral and graphic (TFT) display
  • Data Logger mode:
• Up to 256 records for VDC, ADC, Watt measurements
• External PC for unlimited number of  records for long-term quality monitoring
  • Inrush Current and Voltage measurement.
  • Support external shunt measurement function for expanding the measurement of Current range. 
  • Support external shunt measurement function : Can be used with Prodigit 7550A, 1000A and 2000A to expand the higher measurement current and power integration Whr, Ahr measurement function demand
  • Optional Interface :GPIB、RS232、USB、LAN、9943 Measuring Fixture Connection



4017  DC Digital Power Analyzer(100Vp, 12Adc / 60Ap)9943  DC Test Fixture