• 9923 programmable DC load current waveform generator

9923 programmable DC load current waveform generator

Model : 9923


  • Support the following series of DC electronic load

3300F Series Electronic Load Mainframe (3300F Four Channel Mainframe、3305F Two Channel Mainframe、3302F Single Channel Mainframe)

3310F Series(75W~350W)

3340G Series(150W~300W)(No included 33401G)

33430G Series(1800W / 3600W)

3350F Series(600W~1800W)

3360F Series(600W~14.4KW)

33500 Series(2.4KW~14.4KW)

34000A Series(5KW~40KW)

36000A Series(50KW / 60KW)   

  • 9923 application software can be used to edit arbitrary waveform, providing electronic load simulation different sink current conditions
  • The current waveform to be simulated can be download by the oscilloscope
  • Up to 2048 timing steps can be edited